Ⅰ. BingX User Protection Program

The BingX User Protection Program is an assessment mechanism designed to help users evaluate their own risk tolerance and risk management capability, with the purpose of strengthening risk education and raising users' awareness of risk prevention before they conduct derivatives trading.

Ⅱ. Users' Risk Rating

1. R1 level: enjoy trading with no special limits
2. R2 level: enjoy leverage up to 50x, with an upper limit of 50,000 USDT investment (single direction)
3. R3 level: enjoy leverage up to 20x, with an upper limit of 20,000 USDT investment (single direction)

Special Note:

  • The trading conditions for each risk level may vary slightly among different trading pairs. Please refer to the actual information provided during trading.
  • Users should fill in the information truthfully when conducting the risk assessment. If there is any dishonesty, the platform reserves the right to impose transaction restrictions on the account.

Risk Warning:

Digital asset derivatives trading is highly leveraged and risky, and may result in partial or total loss of account funds. Before conducting futures trading, investors must ensure that they understand the nature and rules of futures trading, and decide whether to participate in futures trading based on their investment experience, goals, financial status, and ability to bear risks.


BingX Operation Team