Dear BingX users:

It has been recently discovered that there are individuals or organizations on the Internet who are pretending to be the “official community of BingX” to release trading signals. BingX officials hereby make a solemn commitment that BingX does not organize and guide users to trade in any form, including but not limited to releasing trading signals and trading on behalf of any users. We do not ask users for account passwords, SMS codes, Google verification codes, or any other private information in any form.

Important Reminder: For the safety of your account/asset security, please do not share your account passwords, SMS codes, Google verification codes, and any other private information with others.

If you need help or have any questions, please contact our 24-hour online customer support by clicking the [Contact Customer Service] button on the [Account] page on BingX App.

Users are encouraged to report any unusual behaviors or risk activities to customer service.

BingX Operation Team