BingX Wealth now supports the APR Booster and Wealth Bonus vouchers.
To provide you with better understanding, here's a guide on the aforementioned two types of vouchers.

I. APR Booster Voucher

1. What is APR Booster voucher?

APR Booster allows you to enjoy higher interests on specific subscription product for a certain period.

2. How to obtain APR Booster voucher?

Stay tuned for upcoming Wealth events that are held periodically, where eligible users can obtain APR Booster vouchers.

3. How do I calculate my interests with boosted rate?

The boost rate is annualized. When you subscribe to a Wealth product, the boosted rate is added to the original APR for interest calculation. For example: You invest 2,000 USDT in a 30-day Wealth product with a 7% APR. You used a 10% APR Booster with a quota (Max Boost) of 1,000 USDT for 10 days. Your original interests generated upon maturity would be 2,000 x 30 x 7% ÷ 365 = 11.5068 USDT. Additionally, the APR Booster used will generate 1,000 x 10% x 10 ÷ 365 = 2.7397 USDT. Your total interests would be 11.5068 USDT + 2.7397 USDT = 14.2465 USDT.

4. Are there quota limits on APR Booster?

Yes, there are quota limits, known as Max Boost. The default unit is USDT. When subscribing, the quota for the corresponding crypto will be converted to USDT equivalent based on the market price. For example: You used an APR Booster with a quota of 1,000 USDT to subscribe to BTC on Wealth. Your quota limit will be converted based on the market price of BTC. Assuming that the market price of BTC is 26,888 USDT, the quota limit for your APR Booster would be approximately 0.0372 BTC.

5. If I use a 3-day APR Booster voucher on a 1-day Wealth product, will my interest be boosted for 1 day only?

Yes. When the APR Booster's effective period exceeds the product's term, your interest rate will be boosted for a duration equaling the product's term.


6. Can I use an APR Booster voucher multiple times?

No. Each APR Booster is valid for single use on 1 Wealth product only.

7. Does APR Booster voucher expire?

Yes, APR Booster vouchers do come with expiration dates. If not used within the specified period, they will no longer be valid.


II. Wealth Bonus Voucher

1. What is Wealth Bonus voucher?

Wealth Bonus vouchers are a form of virtual principal that cannot be withdrawn. It can be used to subscribe to specific Wealth products, with the generated interests being issued in actual cryptocurrency.


2. How to obtain Wealth Bonus voucher?

Stay tuned for upcoming Wealth events that are held periodically, where eligible users can obtain Wealth Bonus vouchers.


3. How to use Wealth Bonus voucher?

When subscribing to a Wealth product, click Voucher and select the Wealth Bonus voucher to use it. Wealth Bonus vouchers are uniformly valued in USDT. When you subscribe to a non-USDT Wealth product, the platform will automatically convert the amount you can subscribe to with the voucher based on the current token price.


4. Can I use a Wealth Bonus voucher multiple times?

No. Each Wealth Bonus voucher is valid for single use and cannot be split.


5. Does Wealth Bonus voucher expire?

Yes, Wealth Bonus vouchers will no longer be valid if not used within the validity period.


6. Why did my Wealth Bonus used for subscription disappear after redeeming my matured product?

The Wealth Bonus voucher serves as a virtual principal. It is deemed used once you redeem the matured product, with the generated interest issued to you.



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