This is a step-by-step guide to help you get started with share trading with BingX Perpetual Futures.


How to Share Trades With BingX Perpetual Futures?

This feature is only available for copy traders whose trader applications have been approved by BingX.
Step 1: Log into the BingX website, and click "Derivatives" on the top navigation bar - "Pepertual Futures" to enter the trading page.
Step 2: Click "Transfer" on the lower right corner as shown in the picture above, and transfer assets to your Perpetual Futures account.
Step 3: Start trading after the transfer.
Note: The Perpetual Futures account only supports the transfer of USDT.
Step 4: Start share trading (open positions)
1) Set the leverage (optional)
The default leverage is 5X, and the position limit is the same as Perpetual Futures Trading Pairs, Leverage and Limits
2) Select a trading pair (Some trading pairs are not supported for Perpetual Futures share trading, click to view the list of unavailable trading pairs)
3) Select an order type (Limit Order or Market Order)
4) Enter the price that you would like to execute (Limit Order)
5) Enter a quantity or drag the dot to adjust the margin proportionately
6) Select a direction (Buy Long or Sell Short)
Step 5: Manage orders (how to close a position)
All of the orders are displayed at the bottom of the trading page. You can choose to close your position at a limit price or the market price on the right.

Share Trading with Perpetual Futures - Notice

How to view your trading statistics?
BingX provides a multi-dimensional statistical display that is updated every 15 minutes. It's a well-received tool and traders can choose to display the data only to their followers.
The statistics include the following as shown in the picture below.
1. Comprehensive share trading data of traders, such as ROI, account assets, win ratio, P&L ratio, and total transactions.
2. ROI curve for up to 180 days;
3. Cumulative P&L for up to 180 days;
4. Risk assessment for up to 180 days;
5. Trading preference for up to 180 days.
How to view the combined trading volume of copiers?
1. To avoid significant price differences, it is important that the traders pay attention to the combined trading volume of copiers and keep the order amount of all copiers of a trader within the range as listed in the link below.
2. The order amount of all copiers of a trader is an estimated maximum amount per order of each trading pair based on the depth of BingX Standard Futures and Binance USDT Pepertual under normal conditions. *The order amount of all copiers of a trader = the combined trading volume of all copiers of a trader * trader's position ratio per order.*Normal conditions mean that the market price remains relatively stable and the trader does not have multiple orders executed within one minute. https://support.bingx.com/hc/en-001/articles/7482372594841-About-Copy-Trading-Spread
How to view your share trading earnings?
Click "Share Trading" - "BingX Perpetual Futures" to view your earnings.
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