1. Fee Schedule

1.1 Spread

1. The spread depends on the Long to Short Ratio. If long positions > short positions, the spread of buying will be larger, and vice versa.

2. Calculation Method
When there is a spread in the long position, Long Price = Current Price * (1 + Spread Ratio);
When there is a spread in the short position, Short Price = Current Price * (1 - Spread Ratio).

3. The spread ratio will be adjusted dynamically based on the change in market depth.

Pair Spread Ranges
BTC/USDT 0.02% ~ 0.1%
Others 0.02% ~ 0.2%

Reminder: The spread ranges shown above are only for reference. During extremely volatile market conditions, the spread may be larger than the examples listed in the table above.

4. Considering the market conditions and liquidity, if a user's positions are large (including opened positions and pending orders), the spread fee will be adjusted slightly and will be allocated to both sides. (Users with smaller positions are less affected or not affected.)

Please note: The spread between the orders placed by the trader and copiers will be adjusted according to the market depth consumed by the total position size of all copied orders under the same trader.

5. Operations of position opening/closing and TP/SL need to consume market depth (especially high-frequency trading, large orders require more depth). Thus, when the market depth is insufficient, orders will be traded at the actual price corresponding to the consumed market depth. The system does not guarantee that orders will be filled with the current mark price or the preset TP/ SL price.

1.2 Trading Fee

1. Trading Fee Rate: 0.075% (The current fee rate is discounted as 0.045%.)

2. Calculation Method: Trading Fee = Trade Volume * Trading Fee Rate (One-Time Charge)

The Trading Fee for Standard Futures is recorded when opening a position and deducted when closing a position.

1.3 Funding Rate

1. Definition

Funding fees are exchanged and settled between the long and short positions every 8 hours. If the funding rate is positive, long position holders shall pay funding fees to short position holders, and vice versa. If the funding rate is positive, your position will be charged for funding fee; When the funding rate is negative, you can get a fee reward.

2. Funding Timetable

Funding fee settlement occurs every 8 hours at 0:00, 8:00, and 16:00 (GMT+8). Users can find the cumulative funding fee for an order on the "Position" page. The funding fee will be settled when closing a position. For orders in Isolated Margin mode, Funding Rate/Fee will be settled when closing a position; For orders in Cross Margin mode, the funding fees will be settled at the funding occurring time. (Settlements may be delayed up to one minute after the specified times. During the settlement process, users' position opening may be affected. At the same time, funding fees may fail to be settled for positions closed during the process. Please take note of your closing time.)

3. Calculation Method

Funding Fee = Total Trading Volume * Funding Rate * Direction (If the funding rate is negative, you will receive a funding reward)
The funding rate is calculated by the platform at the time of deduction.
The direction is defined as 1 for long positions and -1 for short positions.
4. Non-digital currency instruments such as global indices, foreign exchange, commodities, etc., will have a different lending rate for long and short positions according to the market. Therefore, the absolute value of the funding rate for long and short positions is different. (This rule is consistent with the international market)
Visit BingX Fee Schedule to obtain detailed information about rates for Spot trading, Futures trading, and other types of fees.
We will continue to maintain and update the fee schedule data to ensure that you can always access the latest rate policy. VIP users can enjoy lower fee rates and more privileges.


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