Dear Users,
With the "Tiered Leverage" Mode, the system will adjust the position limits according to the leverage selected by the user; compared with the original “Fixed Position Limits" mode, users can obtain a larger position size when selecting lower leverage.
Standard Futures trading pair parameters include leverage, the max. position for a single-direction trade and more. Check the latest parameters via the link below
In standard futures for copy trading, the user's margin limit is subjected to the combined trading volume of all copiers under the same trader. When the combined trading volume of all copiers of the trader reaches the limit, users will not be able to open positions to copy the trader's order. Visit the link below for specifics
  1. If there is any adjustment to the maximum leverage, and maximum position of a single trade or for a single direction, the specifics in the trading rules shall prevail.
  2. The leverage and position limits are influenced by the user’s risk level, which may vary amongst users.
  3. New users are subject to a position limit of 10,000 USDT on some trading pairs during the new user protection period.
  4. Copy trading parameters depend on the trading pair's market liquidity. The max. position for a single trade is the combined trading volume of all copied orders under the same trader.
  5. The system implements a dynamic adjustment based on the market liquidity to parameters such as position limits. The parameters displayed on the BingX app shall prevail. For any inquiries, please get in touch with our 24/7 online support.
  6. The "Tiered Leverage" feature for copy trading takes effect on 2021-06-29.
  7. Users need to meet the minimum principal to trade. The specifics on the related page shall prevail.
Risk Warning
Digital asset derivatives trading is highly leveraged and risky, and may result in partial or total loss of account funds. Before conducting futures trading, investors must ensure that they understand the nature and rules of futures trading, and decide whether to participate in futures trading based on their investment experience, goals, financial status, and ability to bear risks.