1. What is the emerging zone?

       The emerging zone is an independent sector under BingX Spot. All trending yet new and volatile cryptocurrencies that require further observation will be displayed here, allowing users to distinguish and exercise caution before making any investment decision.


  1. What are the characteristics of cryptos in the emerging zone?

       (1) High volatility

       High volatility indicates high risks and returns


       (2) Newness

       Some newly launched cryptocurrencies have not undergone the market test of time.

       Users are advised to exercise caution and manage their risks before making any investment decision in the emerging zone.


       (3) Will these cryptos remain in the emerging zone forever?

        It depends. BingX carefully evaluates the actual performance of each cryptocurrency. Crypto that gains continuous market acceptance and stability will be moved out of the emerging zone and into another sector. However, crypto with insufficient liquidity, high risks, etc., will be delisted.


        Digital currencies are highly volatile assets. BingX advises users to exercise caution and manage their risks when making any investment decision, including but not limited to the cryptocurrencies in the emerging zone.