Binance traders will be able to share their trading strategies in BingX by simply connecting a read-only Binance API to BingX. Enjoy market liquidity and fewer limitations with a wider selection of tools from Binance.

How to become a copy trader in BingX [CopyTrade Pro]?

1.Register a BingX account:


2.Apply to become a copy trader:

WEB version:「Copy Trade」-「Share Trading」- Turn on「Share Trades」


APP version:「Account」-「Share Trading」- Enable「Start Sharing Trades」


3.Become a Copy Trader on BingX after meeting the conditions below:

  • KYC authentication
  • Fill out profile information at personal [Homepage]
  • Deposit ≥ 50 USDT 


4.To share trades from an external platform, click on “Access Other Exchanges” on the “Share Trading” page. For a detailed tutorial, please check:



5.Once the API connection is completed, copy traders’ Binance account will be displayed in their profile.



BingX reserves the right to modify, change or cancel the above-mentioned feature at any time at its sole discretion, without prior notice.


Risk Warning:

Trading digital assets and their derivatives is highly leveraged and risky and may result in partial or total loss of account funds. Before conducting spot/contract trading, investors must ensure that they understand the nature and rules of spot/contract trading, and decide whether to participate in spot/contract trading based on their investment experience, goals, financial status, and ability to bear risks.

BingX Operation Team