Dear Investors:

Note: Please enable Google Authenticator and do not reveal any information about your passwords to other people. BingX officials will not ask users for passwords. Please don't share accounts with strangers. View below for more instructions on how to enhance account security.

1. Manage Your Passwords

We recommend setting a strong and unique password for your BingX account. The password should contain at least 8 digits, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals and special characters, and should show no obvious patterns. For example, al93@ksh983, kdh!kd392 and G383@zyem. We do not recommend passwords containing accessible information such as your name, email address, birthday and mobile number. For example, Jason, 12345678, lisa123, bingX123, abc999, etc.

You can also enhance the security of your account by regularly changing your password, preferably with a completely different password each time. You can use password managers such as 1 Password or Last Pass to record and manage your passwords.

Please do not reveal your passwords to other people. BingX officials will never ask you for your passwords.

2. Enable Google Authenticator

a. Search for "Google Authenticator" on browsers or APP stores to download and install the application. (You can go to BingX "Security Center" - "Google Authenticator" for a quick download.)

b. Open Google Authenticator and click the "+" button on the top right corner (bottom right corner on Android interfaces). Copy and paste your BingX password. c. You will receive a 6-digit one-time password. Follow the instructions on the screen to enter the password and complete the setting.

3. Stay Alert to Phishing and Fake Platforms

Please note that is the only official website of our platform. Follow our official logo and never click on any unknown links or go to non-official websites for registration and downloads.