How to log in to MT5?

Click on "Login to Trade Account" in the File menu or Navigator.
Enter the login account number and master/investor password in the popup window, and select the server as: BingXAU-Real
*Please note: The account and password you enter here are not your BingX account and password. Instead, they are the BingX MT5 account and password you received in your email. The two sets of passwords are separate.


How to change your password (if you remember your password)

How to open a position?

In MT5, you can select order types such as market orders to initiate positions.
There are several ways to call a dialog window for order creation:
  • From the toolbar: Select a symbol in the Market Watch and click "New order" in its context menu.
  • From the Standard toolbar: Click "New order" in the Tools menu or "New order" on the Standard toolbar.
  • Right-click on the chart: Press the F9 hot key. In the order window, a symbol will be inserted in accordance with the platform settings.
General order parameters:
  • Symbol: Choose a symbol you wish to trade (trading pair).
  • Type: If one of the execution modes is selected in this field, a market operation is executed for the selected instrument. Otherwise, a pending order of the selected type is placed.
  • Volume (Lots): Order volume in lots. The greater the deal volume, the greater its potential profit or loss, depending on where the symbol price goes. The deal volume also affects the margin reserved for the position on the trading account. In Forex trading, 1 lot = 100,000 units of currency; in CFD trading, 1 lot = 1 trading unit.
  • Closing a Position (Stop Loss/Take Profit): Set the "Stop Loss" and "Take Profit" price by price or points (the minimum range is 1).
  • Comment: An optional text comment to an order. The maximum comment length is limited to 31 characters. The comment appears in the list of open positions and also in the history of orders and deals. A comment to an order can be changed by a broker or server. For example, if a position is closed by Stop Loss or Take Profit, the corresponding information is displayed in the comment.

How to close a position?

To close a position, click "Close Position" in the context menu of the corresponding position. Then enter the amount of the position to close (partial closing is possible) and click "Close...".