1. Can I register a BingX account if I don't have a referral code?
Yes, you can still register a BingX account without a referral code. The "Referral Code" field is optional. You can choose to leave it blank and continue creating your BingX account.

2. Can I add a referral code later if I forgot to enter it during registration?
If you have already made a deposit (including depositing cryptos from other platforms and Buy Crypto), or if you have already invited friends to join BingX, we will not be able to add a referral code to your account.
However, if you haven't performed any of the above, you can add a referral code by following the instructions below:
1) App: Click the avatar icon on the homepage to access the sidebar. Then, tap on the arrow icon next to your avatar and you'll enter the "Profile Settings" page. Click "My Referrer" to add a referral code.

APP1tw.png APP2tw.png

2) Web: Hover your mouse over the avatar icon on the homepage and select "Account & Security". Scroll down to find the "My Referrer" section, where you can add a referral code.

Note: Please use the link or poster with your referral code when inviting new users to register. 

3. Can I change the referral code for my account?
Once your account is bound to a specific referral code, it cannot be changed or removed.

4. Can I still register a BingX account if I can't find the international country code of my phone number?
Yes, as long as your region is not on the list of unsupported regions by BingX (please refer to the Risk Disclosure for the detailed list), you can still register by email. If you need to register by phone number, please contact online support for assistance.

5. Can I remove or change the linked email address?
Yes, you can remove or change verification options as needed.
To remove verification options, you can perform the following actions on the corresponding pages: Remove the verified Phone, Remove the verified Email, and Remove the verified Google Authenticator.
Or, you can also change verification options on the following pages: Update the verified Phone and Update the verified Email.
1) Before removing or changing verification options, you need to link at least two of the following options: phone number, email, or Google Authenticator. If you haven't linked the verification options yet, you can do so on the corresponding pages: Link Phone Number, Link Email, and Link Google Authenticator.
2) After removing or changing verification options, you will need to log in to your BingX account again.
3) To ensure the security of your funds, you can only make withdrawals 24 hours after removing or changing verification options.


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