MetaTrader5 (MT5) was developed by MetaQuotes and is an upgraded version of MT4.

MT5 is one of the world's most popular trading platforms. Its popularity stems from the fact that users can create algorithms via its neat interface to automate trading.The platform offers superior tools for technical and fundamental analysis. In addition, it's a multi-asset platform for trading Forex and stocks. MT5 completely frees traders' hands and offers them peace of mind.

Users who have traded in Forex/CFDs before will find MT5 familiar as the platform is widely used by brokers in the Forex industry.

When trading on BingX's MT5, the trade will be directed to our exchange (ECN model) for execution rather than being processed by a market maker. Users have access to the same USDT Perpetual Futures trading available on the main BingX platform.

To start using BingX's MT5, users must first register an account with BingX. Your BingX MT5 login credentials will be different from your BingX account (UID), and you will be given a separate login ID and password to access the MT5 platform.